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Songs in the Video

Music is central to most religious rituals. Many of the world's greatest composers have written music for the Catholic liturgy. The Holiness and Pentecostal tradition, of which Brother Branham was a part, take the Biblical injunction to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" literally. Their services are often largely musical. In the Eastern Mountains, people came to camp meetings where they would hold all-night sings.

European missionaries brought Christian hymns with them to Africa and taught these humns to their congregations. Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya were all British colonies, so the missionaries brought English-language hymns along with an English language educational system and social institutions. The Catholic missionaries brought the Latin mass, and accompanying music. The spoken and sung languages link people around the world, transcending national boundaries and ethnic differences.

This video contains only a small number of the songs we heard during the ceremonies dedicating the Bible Believers church, and in an earlier service we attended.

At the Cross.

Kyrie and Gloria.

Lead Me Lord

He Will Do It Again